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Testimonials  What our clients think...

Dai 68


‘…I have recently retired from a relatively sedentary office job and 3 years ago was referred to Edge Fitness and therapies for lower back pain. That first visit turned into a long lasting fitness drive. I now have regular twice weekly sessions that include cardio, general strength and mobility exercises. The important thing for me is that I wouldn't have the commitment to do these exercises on my own but enjoy these sessions when directed by an expert. The workouts are varied so I'm never bored by the same routine. I can highly recommend Shane as a personal trainer because of his expert knowledge, his diligence to understanding my specific training needs and the commitment he has to the profession. Definitely deserves 5 stars!…’

Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

Stephanie 28


‘…I’ve trained with Shane for the last 6 months and I've lost 5 stone, 30% body fat and gained a tone of muscle  one of the greatest people I've ever met !! I have struggled my whole adult life with my weight but Shane made losing weight so easy I've enjoyed every moment of my journey and have so much more confidence in my self than I ever thought possible. If you're looking to get fit and health Shane is the best person for the job. Amazing results and a personal trainer that truly wants you to be the best you can be!!!!!…’

Iyengar Yoga

Sam 40


‘…Top training and fantastic sports massage - full package and pushes you to your limits…’

Hazel 65


‘…Shane is such a professional and has made an amazing difference on my attitude to health and fitness. Thank you Shane…’

Evelina 36


‘…A Fabulous Trainer!!! I have been training with Shane for more than 2 years now and can’t see it ending. The best description would be it's like a ‘drug’ once you tried it, you’ll want more. His training style is designed for the  individual, from where you start to the the person you want to become, not like in the gym where everyone does the same generic workout. What I like about Shane’s style of training is he don’t listen my winging or/and ‘I can’t , it’s too difficult ‘, he knows my abilities and he pushes me to achieve it. It is weird, but the sessions make me more relaxed and happy, even after a difficult day. I laugh, this is like therapy sessions... If you want results ( of course not within a month ) Shane is The Man  Please, just keep this as a secret, as I don’t want too many people looking good around me…’

Jo 56


‘…I had 5 weeks notice of a full hysterectomy, just before a two week Christmas break. Shane was brilliant.


He researched best training and nutrition options and post operative implications. We agreed a short, intensive and manageable programme to build specific strength and lose whatever weight I could in the time. He was also very flexible about finding training slots for me.


The upshot was, I lost some weight and felt physically and mentally strong for the op. My blood pressure also reduced. This was really important as when the pre op nerves kicked in, I could tell myself I was fitter and stronger than many others having the op. Other people told me that too having seen how much fitter I was.


After the operation all the specific strengthening exercises came into their own. You can’t use your abdominal muscles properly for some time. I had no issues using my arms to push myself out of bed or chairs and had no worries not being able to bend because I could squat very easily. That meant that I avoided some of the problems with mobility and independence which other people get.


As I was also more aware of my body, I could move myself without too much pain, meaning I was able to sleep well and rest well. I was also able to use Shane’s techniques to build up my strength gradually, without overdoing it.


The food plan we had worked well, even with the horrible cider vinegar drink! I’m gradually moving back to that post op after a difficult week straight after the operation reacting to a combination of drugs and hospital food. 


I don’t know how Shane fitted so much in to the time we had available. I would recommend this approach to anyone having major surgery…’

Sophie 32


‘…I have been training for a number of years and have had trainers before, but not one of them had ever assessed me and gone into the such depth as Shane did and fully explained everything to me before we even started. The training was very focused on my goals and specific to my physical weaknesses and strengths. This coupled with the diet plan he gave me, got me quicker results in 2 months than I had gotten 12 months with someone else. He takes the time to explain it in a way you’ll understand and doesn’t give up on trying to get you there, his knowledge on training is well totally beyond anyone else I have ever trained with. The private, surprisingly, well equipped gym along with the constant support you get from Shane really helps you achieve more than you initially thought possible. I can’t thank Shane enough for putting me at ease and making the whole process as simple as possible. I will say this, the pain or ‘DOMS’ in my legs was…….well emotional………I also need to say a big thank you for also getting me back on my feet after putting my back out on a girlie holiday……highly recommend the therapies and massage!!!…’

Sprint Runner
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