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Schedule too busy to go see a coach ?...

Our online training really grew from our client base, delivering the same great service and support to our clients while they traveled on business or maintained links with them once we had moved country's. Each online package lasts a total of 12 weeks, it's a great way to stay focused as well as structured with your food and training, at the same time having the guidance and accountability that having a coach brings.


Tailor made programs and revisions 


Supplement Recommendations


One Day food plan example along with weekly macro guidance 


Weekly weigh ins and measurements 

Access to Shane 24/7

Personalised instructional videos sent if needed

Client Requirements

  • You must be honest with your coach at all times!

  • You must provide a weekly/fortnightly picture to your coach of your progress ( face can be covered)

  • It is your responsibility to email your weekly update to your coach. Your participation is crucial in your success!

  • It is your responsibility to hold yourself accountable to each workout.

  • It is your responsibility to ask questions if you don’t understand something.

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